Work legally in the United States

With a Work Permit, you will be able to work safely and legally in the United States, gaining more job opportunities and higher wages. Visa students, spouses of U.S. citizens, asylees, TPS beneficiaries and more can apply.

Work Legally

Find out how to work unimpeded in the U.S. Watch our video and complete the form so that our team can provide you with the necessary support. Your future is now, start today!

Remember this information

The following persons can apply for a work permit:

  • Politicalrefugees, their spouses and children.
  • Asylum seekers, with status granted or pending.
  • Visa students seeking a particular type of employment.
  • Immigrants in the United States who are in the process of applying for residency.
  • Citizens of certain countries with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) according to their country of origin.
  • Spouses of U.S. citizens.
  • Spouses or minorchildren of exchange visitors.

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