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Getting divorced can be a very stressful and emotional situation, with financial and family problems that are difficult to resolve.
Having a lawyer to protect your interests can make the divorce process easier.


Courts must have paternity officially established before awarding child support rights or orders to assist the mother. In addition, time-sharing is an important issue for most parents involved in a divorce.
Attorney Sterling will make sure that you and your child receive what you are entitled to.


Pension is money that one spouse pays to the other after divorce, when one spouse has a much higher income than the other. Attorney Sterling can establish your alimony case based on the length of the union, the standard of living you maintained and your contributions to the marriage.

Domestic Violence

Any threatening or violent act between spouses or ex-spouses, persons involved in a dating relationship, or consenting adults, can be considered domestic violence. Without reporting or getting help, a person could be at great risk.
Attorney Sterling will not tolerate people who threaten their family members and endanger the lives of their children.

Child Custody

Child custody includes not only the physical support of a child, but also obligations for the child's welfare. That is why child custody disputes are one of the most stressful events parents can go through. Attorney Sterling will evaluate your case and help you identify your options to protect your personal rights and interests.

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